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Andrea Fiorino - Mastermix #655 (Booker T special)

Andrea Fiorino - Mastermix #655 (Booker T special)
Aktuální díl pořadu Andrea Fiorino Mastermix vysílaného více než třiceti rádii. Další info na:


  • Moloko - Sing It Back (Booker T Loco Dub) (Echo)
  • 187 Lockdown feat. Diane Charlemagne - All 'N' All (Booker T Mix) (Bucks)
  • Angie Stone - Life Story (Booker T Vocal Mix) (Arista)
  • Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T Dub) (Island)
  • Robert Owens - Ordinary People (Booker T.'s Dub) (Musical Directions)
  • Gerideau - Masquerade (Booker T Remix) (Fattboy)
  • Fabio Tosti & Michelle Weeks - Unconditional Love (Booker T Kings Of Soul Vox Dub Mix) (Liquid Deep)
  • Booker T feat. Katherine Ellis - Give Me Joy (Booker T Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix) (Liquid Deep)
  • Sergio D'Angelo & Aldo Bergamasco feat. Polina Griffith - Body (Booker T Remix) (Quantize)
  • The Dreamers feat. Johnson Orchid - Roses Are Red (Booker T Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix) (M.I.RAW)
  • Shirley Jones - Nights Over Egypt (Booker T Main Mix) (Liquid Deep)

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